New American Cuisine

Doro’s “New American” world-wide gastronomic offering will be a sophisticated balance between nutrition and aesthetic presentation. Chef Christopher Polidoro has developed a reputation as an innovator in the industry, crafting cuisine unlike anything else in the region. Doro is a warm and inviting restaurant where the cutting edge cuisine and unique flavors are sure to impress patrons.

Seasonal Menu

Southeastern wild seafood, organic poultry as well as humanely raised meats are presented a’la carte, cooked a’la minute and supplemented with seasonal accompaniments. All dishes are simply prepared, keeping health a concern and gastronomy a whole.

“The young magician in the kitchen is Christopher Polidoro, a Culinary Institute of America graduate who has cooked at acclaimed South Fork places like Nick & Toni’s and the Laundry. He has also spent some time as a farmer of organic vegetables, making him a perfect fit with 95 School Street. From its inception, this restaurant focused on the local bounty, long before it was trendy. There’s no attitude here, just sweetness and efficiency. My mother would love Mr. Polidoro.”

-J. Starkey, New York Times


About Doro

Doro offers unique and delicious cuisine using diverse cooking techniques combined with North American bounty and seasonality. Doro partners with farmers who utilize sustainable agriculture, ranching and fishing methods to produce high quality, flavorful products.

Chef and owner Christopher Polidoro is a 25-year accomplished chef with a degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. His diversity in the industry includes not only working in prestigious restaurants, but also as an organic farmer and private chef to a noted national news anchor.

Doro is an intimate local family restaurant that offers first class attention coupled with a world class dining experience.

Doro features craft beers from local breweries, something for which the First Coast area is well known. Wine pairings are unique, refreshing, and surprisingly affordable. Pairing food and drink is something Chris takes very seriously, as this completes the ‘perfect’ dining experience.

Bon appetite!


Tuesday thru Sunday 5:30pm – 9pm

Closed Mondays