First Course

pistachio soup 10
romaine lettuce, boiled egg, cheddar, caper vinaigrette and bread crumbs 12
simple greens salad, fresh herbs, creamy ginger dressing 10
kale, apple, hazelnut, cranberry, blue cheese and homemade vinaigrette 10
burrata cheese, apple brown butter, pea leaves, mushrooms, pecan oil and saba 12
salmon pastrami, sea beans, pepitas, roe and ponzu sauce 12
charred octopus, vinegared potatoes, parsley, and aji amarillo 15
pork schnitzel, shaved vegetables, spicy sweet dressing 12
scallop carpaccio, olives, almonds, tomato and citrus oil 12

Second Course

chicken paillard, fregola, feta, broccolini and verjus vinaigrette 24
grilled snapper, summer squash, raw tomato and roasted olives 29
farro and wheatberry “risotto,” seasonal vegetables and grana padano cheese 23
duck breast, potato latkes, apricot, spinach and hoisin sauce 28
seared sea scallops, caulilini, black truffle vinaigrette and celery milk 28
market fish of the day, seasonal preparation P/A
crispy short ribs, pickled napa, heirloom tomatoes and tamari bbq 27
roasted lamb loin chop, pear compote, bok choy and rosemary red wine glaze 30
grilled ribeye, roasted garlic and sautéed seasonal vegetable 32


roasted yams 7
cauliflower puree 7
crispy quinoa 7
roasted potatoes 7


tres leches cake 9
doro made vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and candied peanuts 10
doro made sorbet of the day 8
chocolate mille feuille and whipped cream 10
pavlova, kiwi and passion fruit coulis 9